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FDA Proposed Rule to Insure Food Safety During Transportation

January 31, 2014 the FDA proposed a new rule to insure food safety during transportation.  It insures that shippers, receivers and carriers take steps to prevent food contamination as food is being transported.  The rule includes human and animal food that would be distributed or consumed in the United States via all modes of transportation – truck, air, rail, etc.

Food shippers and manufacturers have come under increased scrutiny by the FDA in recent years to insure food safety to end consumers.

Quick Transfer has been providing this same level of food safety the last 16 years – without the legislation.  Our internal standards for our food and beverage customers is concurrent with AIB, Cook and Thurber, QAI and HACCP standards.

Is your product safe with your current transportation provider?

We can help.

See the proposed ruling here as well as additional details here –

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