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Freight Broker FAQs

1. Why should I choose a broker rather than looking for a trucking company directly?

You don’t always ship the same amount of freight to the same destinations. Every trucking company excels in different lanes, some for full loads and some for LTL. We make the right connection between the customers’ and the carriers’.

2. How could Quick Transfer offer better prices than other trucking companies?

When you ask for a rate quote, you put a staff member to work on callling several carriers to get the most competitive rate with the fastest reliable service. It’s one phone call, but it’s just like you’ve shopped around!

3. Do you move LTL or full truckloads?

We are very well set up with numerous LTL and truckload carriers to accommodate your shipping needs from a pallet to a full truckload.

4. What states do you serve?

Quick Transfer, Inc serves the entire continental US, as well as Canada.

5. Which lanes do you specialize in?

Since we have contact with numerous trucking companies in all zones, we have the expertise and ability to get the right carrier for every particular lane. However, since we’re based out of the Northeast, we’ve got the most power out of that area.