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Investment In Our Transportation Infrastructure

It is often discussed that investment in our transportation infrastructure is suffering.  Fortress Investment Group has noted publicly, an estimated $3.6 trillion will be required to repair existing infrastructure in the U.S. Much of that represents roads ($1.73 trillion) plus airports ($135 billion) and rails ($100 million). Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA) […]

Want A Free Supply Chain Education From MIT? Look No Further.

Are you a supply chain, logistics or transportation working professional looking to round out your skill set with a certification? Are you a supply chain, logistics or transportation newby looking to broaden your industry skills? Look no further…. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Transportation and Logistics recently launched SCx.  SCx is a 100% […]

The Logistics of an Overnighted Cup of Coffee

The end of July Thermos took on a logistics feat and overnighted several cups of coffee from Spyhouse Coffee in Minneapolis to to a variety of folks across the U.S. as a PR stunt for their vacuum-insulated 40-ounce Stainless King beverage bottle. Amazingly, the coffee arrived in Washington DC only 25 degrees less than the […]

Where Have All The Truck Drivers Gone?

The US is home to 3.2 million truck drivers and it needs another 30,000 to fuel our economy but there are few to be found.  From big rigs to auto parts delivery, everything we buy gets to us by truck.  The shortage has been an ongoing issue that has recently kicked into high gear as […]

The Cass Freight Index Keeps Climbing

The Cass Freight Index is a measure of freight shipment expenditures nationwide.  As of June 9th it hit its highest since 2011.  Since the beginning of 2014 we have seen the most expenditures since the end of the recession. What does this mean to you? If you are a shipper, this means that rates are […]