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1st Quarter Transportation Trends

There are a variety of opinions floating around on why the truckload carrier market has been tightening over the last couple of months.  Some thought it was due to winter weather pounding the US, others pointed to changes in the hours of service (HOS) rules that went into effect in July of 2013.  What is certain is prices are going up and capacity is tight.  Quarter 1 of 2014 is shaping up to be a much less shipper friendly version of its 2013 counterpart.

Sean Kilcarr published an article for Fleet Owner magazine on March 17, 2014 titled “Transportation Trends to Watch”.  In this article, he outlines several emerging trends such as dedicated fleet growth, hours of service rule changes decreasing trucking company productivity anywhere from 1% to 3%, the likelihood of small carriers going out of business in increased numbers, and an expected surge in intermodal demand.

Are you on top of current market trends?

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